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    金磐酒店設計 Commercial Design

    西安  2018 20000㎡

          金磐酒店位于西安市未央區,且坐落在擁有千年文化古城的“中軸 線上”,金磐酒店得天獨厚的底蘊,為打開新時代國際視野大門做出新篇章。
          設計中將西安特有的青銅器、兵馬俑、古書卷、墻石、城樓、城門等具有歷史性文化產 物,用現代設計手法進行元素提煉,賦予其文化價值及符合現代人的審美觀理念。

    The golden Pan hotel is located in the city of Xi'an, and is located on the "central axis" of the ancient city of thousands of years. The golden Pan hotel has a unique connotation and makes a new chapter for opening the door of the new era of international vision.
    The design of Xi'an's unique bronze, Terracotta Army, ancient books, wall stone, city tower, city gate and other historical cultural products, using modern design techniques to extract elements, endow its cultural value and conform to the aesthetic concept of modern people.

    CONTACT 聯系

    Private phone: 13811599565 EMALL:AMrainsunny@163.com address:北京西城區德外大街36號中國建筑設計科技集團B座11層 設計咨詢:010-8206-2199


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