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    benoy頂級商場 Commercial Design

    江蘇  2010 97800㎡


    The plan starts from the original building space structure, carefully organize the division of functional division, and strengthen the layout and practical design of the key parts of the traffic space node, and unify the sense of form and function. The design combines the modulus of the interior decoration with the modulus of the original building structure to form the standardized design of the typical parts, which not only ensures the unity and integrity of the design form, but also facilitates the processing and installation. The interior elevation and smallpox modeling draw lessons from the rhythm and vocabulary of the original architecture and form the echoes in the design form.

    CONTACT 聯系

    Private phone: 13811599565 EMALL:AMrainsunny@163.com address:北京西城區德外大街36號中國建筑設計科技集團B座11層 設計咨詢:010-8206-2199


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